Christmas Bird Count 4 Kids

We had a lot of fun at Olander Park’s Christmas Bird Count for Kids last weekend. It was snowing and blowing! But we got GREAT views of a Bald Eagle. It perched for a long time for us,and we even used a spotting scope to get close-up views of its talons and beak. We also saw American Coots, Juncos, and, of course, Canada Geese and Mallards.

If you want to learn about birds and get involved in TOPS birding programs, contact Robin to find out about our upcoming birding events. rparker (at) or 419-882-8313 x34

Participant Alex gets a great look at the Bald Eagle. With Volunteer Birding Expert Diane Deyonker.

A young participant gets a great look at the Bald Eagle. With Volunteer Birding Expert Diane Deyonker.

CBC4K Olander 2013-12-14

A young participant, her Grandfather, and Diane Deyonker, keeping the snow off the spotting scope.


Olander Bird Walk 4/20

This morning’s bird walk at Olander Park was fabulous! Lots of warblers sighted! The warblers were on the ground looking for insects instead of high up in the trees so viewing was easy. They were just feet away!

Magnolia Warbler

Magnolia warblers

Pine warblers

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

Tree Swallows

Barn Swallows

Yellow Shafted Flickers

Chipping Sparrow


Hooded Merganser

We caught sight of a female Hooded Merganser on Lake Olander today! We thought we saw two males with her, but by the time we got our spotting scope aimed in their direction, we only saw the female. We also had about 10 Pie-billed Grebes, 5 Ruddy Ducks, and many ever-present American Coots.Hooded Merganser

Bald Eagle at Olander

Many regular visitors to Olander Park have been treated to bald eagle sightings! We have had one eagle who comes to Olander regularly. We saw it often in the late fall and winter, but hadn’t seen it as much once early spring started. This week, though, we were lucky enough to see the eagle on two days! One day it put on quite a show, diving at American coots swimming on the lake. The eagle was trying to catch one of the coots, but they are quick diving water birds, and got away every time. The eagle made a few passes, though, and it was fun to watch!