The Toledo Zoo’s ZOOTeens volunteer program has been a huge contributor to The Olander Park System’s conservation mission for years.

ZOOTeens have volunteered 3 to 6 hours a month, almost every month for about 10 years. With 6 to 12 ZOOTeens at each of those events, that’s a lot of volunteer hours at our parks! And the teens are always hard workers!

Just a few things the ZOOTeens have worked on at our parks in recent years:

  • Southview Oak Savanna – removing overgrown understory shrubs and vines, removing piles of dead leaves that hinder the growth of native plants, pulling non-native weeds, collecting native seeds
  • Sylvan Prairie Park – transplanting native
    Watering Trees at Sylvan Prairie Park

    Watering Trees at Sylvan Prairie Park

    seedlings in our new greenhouse, planting native plants in wetlands, planting native trees and plants along a restored stream, watering and mulching newly planted native trees, pulling non-native weeds, collecting native seeds

  • Herr Road Property – picking up trash from a seasonal wetland
  • Olander Park – “cleaning” native seeds to make them easier to plant, making protective tree tubes


For more information on the ZOOTeen program see 

ZooTeenTreeTube 12-13

Making protective tree tubes