Lourdes University has been encouraging their students to volunteer with The Olander Park System (TOPS) for years. Students help us with monitoring stream health, measuring changes in plant community, planting trees and other native plants, and controlling non-native invasive plants.

Dr. James Minesky, Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences, is one of the driving forces behind Lourdes University’s partnership with Olander. He recently said, “We bring Lourdes University students to volunteer with The Olander Park System because TOPS is a fabulous community asset and we believe it is important for students to be involved in volunteer work and service learning that supports and enhances the assets and resources in our community. A college education is about more than earning a degree in a particular discipline – it is also about understanding the resources and challenges in your given community and how a person’s education can help improve the quality of life in the community.”

CLICK HERE for an article about a recent day when Lourdes University helped plant trees at Sylvan Prairie Park.

Photo by Helene Sheets. Accessed from SylvaniaAdvantage.com