The sounds of frogs calling is a part of spring.

We document the frogs and toads at Sylvan Prairie Park four times each spring, in late March, late April, late May and late June. We go out just after sunset and listen at six different locations around the park.

In late March we heard a few Wood Frogs, Chorus Frogs, Leopard Frogs and Green Frogs. But not very many frogs overall. It was barely warm enough for most of them!

Late April’s count was last night, and we heard lots of American Toads and Spring Peepers and a few Leopard Frogs and Chorus Frogs. We saw a lot of Leopard Frogs hopping around, too.

Then this morning, we found some Leopard Frog egg masses, just hatching! The little black specks here and there around the whitish egg mass are teeny tadpoles.

Leopard frog eggs just hatching

Leopard frog eggs just hatching