From late fall to late January, we had a pair of bald eagles visiting Olander Park almost every day. One day in late fall / early winter, we saw three eagles at Lake Olander! But then one of them chased another one away. This was likely territorial behavior … getting the newcomer to stay away from the pair’s territory.

Bald Eagle Flying

by John & Karen Hollingsworth / USFWS

When Lake Olander started freezing over this winter, the eagle pair was here every day, perching over the small holes of still open water,  watching the ducks and geese and occasionally eating one! Then once the lake froze over completely, we stopped seeing the eagles. Where did they go?  We had learned that they had been hanging out at Camp Miakonda a lot in the fall and winter. We had also seen them at Sylvan Prairie Park. But in February, we figured out that they had picked a spot to build a nest along Ten Mile Creek! One day we saw them lining their large stick nest with soft materials, and then we saw them mate!

We’re not sure if they will successful lay and hatch eggs this year. But we’ll be watching, and we’ll let you know! We aren’t the only ones watching. Toledo Metroparks has a volunteer Breeding Raptor Monitor program that shares the information they gather with state officials and the Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas.

You can learn more about Bald Eagles and their nesting habits from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.