The American beaver is North Americas largest rodent. Their fur is typically reddish brown in color and very dense. They have a  large flat scaly tail that they use like a rudder in the water. Their back feet are webbed to help propel them thru the water.  Beavers are mainly active at night and are excellent swimmers. They construct their lodges out of twigs and sticks and mud at the edge of ponds. Beavers have one litter of 2-3 kits per year. Offspring will stay with the family for up to 3 years before moving out on their own.

The Olander  conservation crew discovered a beaver lodge at Sylvan Prairie Park late last summer! Much to our surprise! We noticed several trees around a pond in the park that had been felled. Several staff members have seen the beaver swimming in the pond carrying large branches and eventually they discovered the lodge. Go to this website to see videos;